Looking to the Future - 2021 Preventive Medicine Predictions

Looking to the Future - 2021 Preventive Medicine Predictions

Grant Morris, MBA Co-Founder, Pro Care InnovationsGrant Morris, MBA Co-Founder, Pro Care Innovations
For the past decade, healthcare has been evolving at a rapid pace from a technological and preventive medicine standpoint. This next year will be no different. 2020 shed light on our overwhelming need for an expansion of telehealth services. As it has become more and more clear that COVID-19 will continue to change the way we interact with others, medicine is no different. 2020 has not only made it evident that patients need better access to care outside of a face-to-face visit but has also made it clear that providers need a better way to provide continuity of care and revenue streams via telehealth. There are many ways that providers can adjust to fit in the mold of healthcare.

Among our predictions for 2021 is that you will continue to see an increased demand and transition from traditional face-to-face interactions with healthcare providers to telehealth services. We believe that you will see services such as Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) (services CMS offers to geriatric patients that allow them access to preventive medicine via telehealth) grow tremendously in provider and patient participation in 2021.This transition will be easy for some groups while proving to be very difficult for others.

The process of becoming more technologically driven as a provider can many times be costly and time consuming. The cost can vary but usually require adding more staff and purchasing new hardware and software equipment. There are some alternative options for providers to be able to provide a high-tech preventive healthcare experience for their patients without the headache of extra cost, time, and energy.

Partnering with a third-party company of telehealth experts has proven to be a successful model for many providers across the country. Many third-party companies will provide a platform or offer billable services themselves for a fee to the provider. This model works well because in a fee-for-service arrangement both parties’ agendas are aligned. There are some hurdles to consider when picking a solution that will work best for your practice.

• Is the fee worth the service provided?
• Will they give my patients the care they need?
• Is this service the right service for my client base?

All of these are great questions and should be asked prior to committing to a service company. Finding the right company will results in excellent patient care, better patient outcomes and increase in bottom line revenue.

Pro Care Innovations (PCI) was founded ago as a preventive medicine solution company. PCI has been providing Chronic Care Management and Annual Wellness Visits since May of 2017.

In the last three years, PCI has provided just over 250,000 CCM visits and created more than $11 million in additional revenue for our clients. Pro Care Innovations continues to lead the market in telehealth services for CCM and RPM. Pro Care has an excellent track record of providing preventive medicine to many specialty groups including but not limited to:

• Urology
• Oncology
• Orthopedics
• Nephrology
• Endocrinology
• Cardiology
• Pain Management
• Pulmonology
• Primary Care

We predict 2021 will be a record year in the United States for telehealth services and a very successful year for increased patient care outside of the traditional face-to-face visit. We invite you to learn more about Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring for your practice. Check out our website at www.procareinnovations.com and contact us today.