LifeHope Labs : Melding High-Quality Lab Services with Impeccable Customer Service

LifeHope Labs : Melding High-Quality Lab Services with Impeccable Customer Service

Alan Brock, CEO, LifeHope LabsAlan Brock, CEO, LifeHope Labs Clinical laboratories play a vital role in the entire continuum of health care, facilitating informed clinical decision-making and improving patient outcomes. The added impetus of the COVID-19 pandemic has supercharged the evolution of lab testing into one of the most consumer-facing and readily accessible elements of healthcare. As the pandemic continues to challenge healthcare infrastructure and delivery, clinical laboratories are fighting tooth and nail to meet the increased demand for faster COVID-19 testing (RT-PCR), among other tests. Despite being swamped with test samples and facing stiff market competition, medical labs are diligently working to keep the healthcare system afloat. Georgia-based LifeHope Labs—a CAP-accredited high complexity lab—is at the forefront of this race to cost-effectively deliver fast, reliable, and comprehensive test results.

Combining state-of-the-art technology with modern testing methodologies, LifeHope Labs has cut through the chaos of the pandemic to deliver test results with the quickest turnaround times. Even during the peak of COVID infections last year, the company was able to provide standard test results within 24-to-36 hours. In fact, LifeHope Labs was one of the first labs to receive Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for COVID-19 testing back in March 2020. "Our goal is to provide the quickest results at the highest level of testing integrity to help our clients make informed clinical decisions," remarks Andrew Cummings, COO, LifeHope Labs.

Founded as a core toxicology laboratory in 2019, LifeHope Labs has evolved over the years into a full-service lab for all testing needs of clinicians and their patients—be it for RPP, STI, UTI, Wound/Nails, Toxicology, or more. The company adopts a holistic approach to cover the entire spectrum of testing needs around toxicology, molecular testing, rapid antigen test, pharmacogenetic testing, and full blood panels. Whether it's rapid kits, viral tests (PCR, the Gold Standard), or antibody tests, LifeHope Labs is the one-stop solution for all. With the latest technology-driven methods, the company provides comprehensive results based on the specific needs of its clients, including hospital systems, provider offices, senior care living facilities, and multiple corporations. "Customer-centricity is at the heart of everything we do. We take pride in providing unparalleled customer service and responsiveness, going above and beyond to support our physicians make better healthcare decisions and improve healthcare outcomes through the use of laboratory science," says Alan Brock, CEO of LifeHope Labs.

Equipping Clinicians with the Right Sources to Manage Patient Care

With the fastest turnaround time in the industry, LifeHope Labs' wide range of best-in-class services helps clients save time and money. The company aims to solve the day-to-day problems encountered by clients and provide them with a turnkey solution to effectively manage patient care. These solutions are comprehensive and customized for the need—whether it's for ensuring the compliance of a pain management patient or that of a drug offender. "When it comes to toxicology testing in pain management centers, we support our clients with the best evidence-based practices to ensure the highest level of clinical integrity," informs Cummings.

When it comes to toxicology in drug treatment and pain management, LifeHope Labs’ market edge is combining expert consultation and high-integrity results. The company provides detailed and actionable information to judges and practitioners who make critical decisions around offenders’ liberty and child safety issues. “We consider our lab to be a partner to accountability courts focused on reducing recidivism, improving treatment outcomes and promoting child safety,.” remarks Cummings.

Given the significant prevalence of mental health conditions among individuals with substance use disorders, LifeHope Labs leaps ahead in the market with its effective pharmacogenetic testing capability. The company helps physicians, psychiatrists, and even personal physicians dive in diagnostically and ensure that individuals receive the right medication and dosage, thereby ensuring better remission rates.

Andrew Cummings, COO, LifeHope Labs
LifeHope Labs' advanced reference lab specializes in toxicology screening and Pharmacogenetics and ensures that individuals receive effective medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid use disorders.The company also offers advanced genetic reporting that provides physicians with a detailed panel of results, including a current medication assessment, drug suggestions, and alerts for normal function, intermediate-risk, and more.

Practicing Precision Medicine with a Difference

When it comes to precision medicine, LifeHope Labs delivers its innovative platform that records patients' genetic results and compares them to relevant, clinically proven statements to provide physicians with easy-to-read reports. This allows physicians to prescribe tailor-made medication and compatible dosages to patients based on their unique genetic and metabolic profiles.

Our goal is to provide the quickest results at the highest level of testing integrity to help our clients make informed clinical decisions

To expand the scope of its precision medicine management capabilities, LifeHope Labs has invested in high-quality liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry (LC-MSMS) instrumentation, as well as, cutting-edge robotics technology. "Our approach is to maximize efficiency with our SOPs and keep our staffing appropriate to manage the volume flow and streamline operations, which gives us the ability to ensure quick turnaround times while staying consistent with toxicology. With regards to COVID, we were able to meet the burgeoning demand because we continued to invest in technology and dedicated personnel," states Dr. David H. Eagerton, Laboratory Director, LifeHope Labs. In fact, LifeHope Labs was one of the first in metro Atlanta to offer a CDC-approved testing method to test people for coronavirus.

Already a leader in PCR testing, LifeHope Labs has extended its application in molecular diagnostics to accurately diagnose conditions like urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted diseases, respiratory pathogens, and wound infections in record time. We are doing our part in antibiotic-resistance stewardship, by providing physicians with antibiotic resistance information to best prescribe medications that quickly and effectively fight the infection. "That's how we focus on the precision side of medicine, helping guide medical decisions and treatment outcomes with a high level of accuracy," Eagerton says.

Pushing the envelope of molecular testing, LifeHope Labs intends to apply PCR testing technology to precisely detect infectious pathogens in preparation for a possible outbreak of an antibiotic-resistant bacteria-induced pandemic in the future. "We are working to bring this technology to the forefront of patient and physician awareness and devise ways to utilize this technology to safeguard us against the evolution of antimicrobial resistance," informs Don Bogue, North American Marketing Director, LifeHope Labs.

Rooted in Customer-Centricity with an Incredible Team at the Helm

From its humble beginnings with a team of five employees to becoming home to a hundred skilled professionals in two years—LifeHope Labs' vision has always been guided by the constant pursuit of excellence. LifeHope Labs' success can be attributed to the sheer dedication of its CEO, Brock, and the company's diverse management and executive team. An industry veteran, Brock has served as the CEO of a multi-million-dollar healthcare company and brings over two decades of experience and valuable business knowledge. Brock embarked on his endeavor in the laboratory testing space in 2019, recognizing the market opportunity and a pressing need in the community. In his conversations with physicians, Brock realized that the combination of outstanding customer service and quality testing, which most clinical labs fail to provide, could be a game-changer for LifeHope Labs. The blend of Brock's critical business acumen and the expertise of his talented team well-versed with laboratory science became the cornerstone of LifeHope Labs' growth. "I felt my leadership style would lend to the hard work and individualism of my team members. Our wealth of knowledge provided a strong foundation for LifeHope Labs and shaped it into what it is today. We bring an outsider's point of view to the laboratory business as almost everyone in our dynamic team holds executive-level expertise from other industries," states Brock.

According to Brock, LifeHope Labs aspires to earn the brand identification and loyalty that doesn't really exist in the laboratory testing space. "We are bringing exceptional customer service to a space where it doesn't exist at the level that we are achieving. We go the extra mile to provide our customers with concierge-level service without the hefty price tag of concierge services," he says.

  • We take pride in providing unparalleled customer service and responsiveness, going above and beyond to support our physicians make better healthcare decisions and improve healthcare outcomes through the use of laboratory science

In line with Brock's vision, LifeHope Labs' team makes sincere efforts to stay in constant communication with their clients, providing them with training, support, and technical assistance. "In tandem, our clinical team continues to adjust and build SOPs to keep lab operations streamlined, adding to the value proposition of fastest turnaround time in the industry and a razor focus on the customer," Bogue notes. "At LifeHope Labs, we always have someone readily available to answer a phone and respond to all customer queries. If we do not have an immediate answer, we research further and make sure we develop methods to test a new drug or compound before we can answer those questions accurately." LifeHope Labs also helps clients and their patients understand and interpret the lab results, and if that leads to a follow-up, the lab's experts are more than willing to help them in the best possible way.

LifeHope Labs achieved $17 Million in revenue through the first two quarters of 2021 and has steadily grown its clientele a hundredfold over the past year. Steering ahead, the company will continue to enhance its capabilities in toxicology, molecular, and serology testing based on customer feedback and emerging healthcare needs. "Our goal is to maintain a sense of connection and urgency in all our services," Eagerton says. Strongly committed to the principles of integrity, responsiveness, and customer service, LifeHope Labs will be diligently serving in the medical laboratory space as a trustworthy brand for both current and prospective clients.

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LifeHope Labs

LifeHope Labs

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Alan Brock, CEO and Andrew Cummings, COO, LifeHope Labs

LifeHope Labs is a medical laboratory that offers cutting-edge technologies and modern lab testing methods, served with a special emphasis on customer service